The extra measure of protection when a credential company installs an Integrity Roof System (tm)

Upgraded 205kph Wind Warranty Available*
Extended Transferrable Coverage

 Lifetime Shingles 3-STAR
20 years
4 Star
50 years
 Materials and
 Tear-off Y Y
 Disposal   Y

Note: XT 25 XT30 and Patriot shingles carry 10 years with 3-Star and 20 years with 4-Star coverage including the features as indicated above

SureStart PLUS extended the duration and coverage of standard SureStart protection for the installed CertainTeed roofing products. For all other warranty features refer to CertainTeed's Limited Asphalt Shingle Warranty in place at the time your shingles were installed (obtain a copy by called 800-782-8777 or visit

205kph wind warranty available on lifetime products when special application methods are used.

Fully transferable for 10 years with 3-STAR coverage, 12 years with 4-STAR coverage, refer to CertainTeed's limited warrant for details on transfers.

Applies to single-family detached houses. Duration for all other types of structures is limited to 25 years.

Flat Roof Sections: If a CertainTeed Flintlastic roof system is part of the job, up to 10 squares will be covered for 12. 15 or 20 years depending upon the specific system installed.


SureStart PLUS Coverage Protects your investment

Example of approximate reroofing project:
Installed costs of an Integrity Roof System: $10,000

Projected replacement costs of an Integrity Roof System
(assumed 2% Annual Inflation)
Value Protected by a typical limited warranty

Value Provided by SureStart PLUS
4-STAR Coverage
Year Projected Cost Amount provided Amount provided
1 $10,200 $6,120 $10,200
5 $11.041 $6,625 $11.041
10 $12,190 $7,314 $12,190
11 $12,434 $3,233 $12,434
20 $14,859 $2,972 $14.859
30 $18,114 $2,415 $18,114
40 $22,080 $1,472 $22,080
50 $26,916 $1,794 $26,916

This example is based on the most shingles manufactures limited warranties and is for illustrative purposes only. Actual costs will vary by region and roof type.



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